Discover the best hidden beaches in Ibiza

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Ibiza is full of amazing natural locations, which are only known by locals and those with insider information. Not only is the island full of stunning scenery and beaches, but it is also a home for people to develop their wellness journey in life. There is an openness and energy to the island that gives people freedom to relax and take a breath in their busy life.

This is why I made Ibiza my home and it is the perfect place for our Harmonic Escapes yoga retreats. So come with us on a journey, explore and find the magic of the island.

Ibiza’s north has an unspoilt feel and is host to many of the island’s abundant natural beauty. Explore, chill, swim, watch the sun rise and set over the glimmering Mediterranean sea. Ibiza is a small island with an impressive number of beaches (80 in total!). There is so much diversity you will never get bored of exploring this beauty.

I have chosen six top hidden spots for you to check out when on the Island, some of which we sometimes visit on our Stand-up Paddle boarding trip or beach yoga.

Punta Galera

Unlike anywhere else in Ibiza, Punta Galera to the north-west of the island is a truly magical spot with arguably one of the best sunset views on the island. The beauty of this location is that it is completely untouched and without a single beach bar or sun lounger in sight. The sparkling blue waters and small rock pools around the cliff side also make it ideal for cooling off by diving and snorkelling.

When to go:  The best time to visit is early morning or in the early evening to watch the spectacular sunset.

Getting there: Punta Galera is best reached from San Antonio on the way to Cala Salada and Cala Gracioneta. 

Es Portitxol

Without a doubt one of the most spectacular and most hidden secret beaches in Ibiza. The beaten track down to Es Portitxol will take you about 30 minutes to walk but is certainly worth the adventure. At the bottom you will find a circular cove of crystal clear water, lined with rustic fisherman´s huts and surrounded by epic mountainside. More than anything, Es Portitxol offers true escapism in Ibiza and welcome getaway from the popular and crowded beaches.

When to go:  any time of day but during summer best to go in the morning or early evenings to avoid direct hot sun.

Getting there: Es Portitxol is reached from San Miguel village in the north of Ibiza.


The most popular of the “hidden secrets of Ibiza” is a small cove in the Cala D’hort nature reserve opposite the imposing Es Vedra rock. Centuries ago the rock was quarried from this location and used to build the walls of the Ibiza Old Town. As a result, visitors are now treated to an oasis of rock pools, caves and unusual and interesting rock formations unlike anywhere else on the island. Over the years visitors to Atlantis have also contributed by adding their own artistic touches to the surroundings, making a trip to Atlantis a visually enchanting experience.

 A trip to Atlantis needs to be planned as getting there requires a walk down a rough path for 30 minutes. 

Getting there: Leave from Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, direction Cala D’Hort.


S’illot Rencli

A local’s favourite, the tiny pebbly beach has breathtaking views. It is only a few meters long, totally surrounded by pine forests and cliffs, this is the beach to come to if you like snorkelling or stand-up paddle boarding. The clear waters, stunning scenery and protected cove makes it ideal to discover and explore.

When to go: Amazing at any time of the day, best at sunset or sunrise when you can have the beach completely to yourself.

Getting there: Just before the village of San Juan, make your way to Portinax. After about 10 minutes drive and before reaching Portinax bay, be careful not to miss the sign down to S’illot Rencli. 

La puertas del cielo (Gates to heaven)

Spectacular views, spectacular sunsets, spectacular location hidden in the woods with the most amazing look-out point close to the village of Santa Agnes overlooking the islets of Ses Margalides. Ask any local and they love to keep this place their little secret. There is a family run restaurant that is popular with the locals in the weekends. This is a magical spot where the hippies choose to view the sunset in the 60s and totally recommended to do a walk in the deep countryside with the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea, truly Ibiza.

When to go: Sunset is definitely the best time to visit La puertas del cielo in summer. In the colder months, daytime is also a good time to do a long walk and visit the restaurant.

Getting there: To get there, take the Cami des Pla de Corona leaving the centre of the village of Santa Agnes, at 1.5 km


Pou des Lleo

Pou des Lleo on the East side of the Island is a natural and wild environment of immense beauty. We typically go to Pou des Lleo for our Stand Up Paddle boarding tour with it’s stunning scenery straight out of a Wild West movie. Small wild coves make most of this vast area made up of rock, gravel and sand. Canal Marti is the busiest of all the coves with a natural harbour where fisherman keep their small boats.

This is an amazing area for snorkelling, Stand up Paddle boarding or kayaking having so many coves to discover. It is also immensely beautiful to go for long walks here during the milder times of the year and watch the sun rising out of the glittering Mediterranean sea. There is a tiny shack bar offering snacks and light meals during summer.

When to go: Facing east, sunrise is the best time to visit.

Getting there: By car only go to San Carlos, northwest of Cala Boix

If you have a favourite beach or a favourite cove, I would love to hear about them and make sure you leave a comment. Share your hidden Ibiza gems and mysteries with all of us. On both our Active yoga retreat next week and our Walking & Yoga retreat in October, we will explore Ibiza’s lesser known beaches and coves.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller