How a busy working professional finds time to switch off

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Christine, a business consultant in London is a very good friend of ours. She loves our yoga retreats in Ibiza so much so that she makes it a point to join us every year. Christine has just hit the big “four zero” so for her this year it’s all about finding balance, living a healthier life and spending more time doing the things she loves most.

Christine loves yoga and tries to go to classes in London during her busy week. I asked her permission to give us an interview and she kindly agreed.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to switch off and get a feeling on what it is like to go on a yoga retreat than read on…

Qu: Hi Christine, firstly what are the things you do to switch-off in your day-to-day life?

A: I practice yoga a few times per week which really helps me to find balance after a long day in the office and especially when a project deadline is fast approaching. I tend to go to bed early most weekdays to get a good night’s sleep and in the weekends try to go for walks in the beautiful parks in London with friends.

Qu:  What made you decide to go on a yoga retreat and why did you choose Ibiza?

A: Ha! I felt I needed to do something for me. I had been practicing yoga for a while, so a yoga retreat felt just right. Plus my cousin Gaby had moved to Ibiza just a few months before and I found out about the retreat through her.

QuWas there anything going in your life that perhaps made you decide to book a yoga retreat? 

A: My work as a consultant is demanding and life in London can be quite hectic with crammed commutes to/from the City. Every year I make it a point to take a week out to look after myself, breathe and relax. So booking a yoga retreat in beautiful Ibiza sounded just what I needed. This is something I am now making sure to do every year, taking time out for my wellbeing.

Qu: What is your level of yoga experience?

A: Intermediate. I have been practicing vinyasa flow yoga on and off for a few years now and try to go yoga classes two or three times per week.

Qu:  Did you know anyone at the retreat and how did you get on with the other people there? 

A: The first time I joined Harmonic Escapes (it was then called Diosa Hayya) I went with two of my very good friends. Last year I decided to go on my own. It’s always very easy to get chatting on a retreat and to get to know like-minded people. I am joining for the third year and I’m going on my own again this year. I am so much looking forward to it and to make new connections with the guests on the retreat.


Qu: Which treatments, excursions or workshops did you enjoy the most? 

A: I loved the drummers’ workshop and really enjoyed the stand up paddle-board experience. It’s tough at first, but an enjoyable challenge once you get the knack of it. 

“Thank you so much for such as beautiful retreat - I loved every minute of it! Great, tasty and nourishing food prepared with love, a fantastic yoga teacher - Zarah and a beautiful group of people. I will be back.”

- CHRISTINE, 2017 + 2018 GUEST

Qu: You have a busy and highly demanding career, how do you manage to leave work behind you during the week? And how do you organise yourself before the retreat? 

A: I find I switch off work during the retreat from the time I step into the beautiful villa. The thing I do before I leave is let people know I’ll be off, delegate any critical client work and try not to get sucked into any work calls or emails, so that I completely switch off and really get the full benefits of my week away. This usually works well for me. 

Qu: What benefits did you get from your yoga experience once you returned back home and went back to normal life? How long do these benefits last?

 A: Eating healthy nutritious food for a week and exercising dally for a week does show. Friends and colleagues all remark on how well I look when I return back to London with a healthy glow and a toned body! I find my motivation to keep up regular yoga routine usually last for at least a few months and feel the mental and physical benefits of going to a yoga retreat for many months after.

Qu: What did you think of the yoga teacher Zarah and how she adapted to your level of experience and also of everyone? 

A: I love Zarah, she’s great! Her yin /yang workshops have the right balance of a dynamic core strengthening workout in the morning and gentle restorative practice in the evening, using all muscles of the body and adapting to different levels of experience. I highly recommend her and it’s one of the many reasons I keep on going back to the same retreat. Oh and her massages are out of this world too, you must try them!

Qu: How about the food? How does it feel to be vegetarian for a whole week?

A: I love love love the food. Eating a plant-based diet for a week feels very refreshing and I feel lighter every time! The chef prepare these beautiful colourful dishes which are so tasty, satisfying and nourishing.

Qu:  Would you recommend a yoga retreat to Ibiza and why?

A: Yes most definitely! As I’ve said previously I’ve been returning to Harmonic Escapes retreats in Ibiza for the past three years, I love them so much. It’s my way of recharging myself for the year ahead. I’m spreading the word in the office too and I’m always trying to introduce yoga to a few of my colleagues, we all need it! 

Qu: What 3 words would you use to describe Harmonic Escapes?

A: Relaxing, balanced and empowering

Qu: And finally - what is your all-time favourite book?

A: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Housseini, makes me cry every time :))

Feeling inspired by Christine? If you still have not booked your summer break, have a look at our two yoga retreats in Ibiza coming up in June and July. Contact us on with your questions.