How to choose the perfect yoga retreat


Tell me, what do you look for in a good yoga retreat? What would you like to achieve most out of your retreat? What qualities do you prize the most? It might be the type of yoga that is most important to you. Or it might be the accommodation and budget.

Choosing a yoga retreat is an investment of your time as well as your money so it's important to get it right. Therefore I have written a guide to help you choose the perfect yoga retreat.

There are many options to consider and it can be quite daunting. Will you look for the quiet and spiritual or will you search for a retreat that is more energetic and active?

It needs to be a good fit for your body and your mind so my guide covers topics such as the yoga type, location, venue, cost, activities and if you want an active or quiet retreat. 

Take time to write down your yoga retreat goals

Before you even start googling “yoga retreats”, take a few minutes to check in with yourself [take a deep breath...] what do you really need at this moment? Do you feel stressed from working too much? Have you recently passed through a difficult time? Have you got kids and need some time away from them (it’s ok we all feel this) and badly need time to sleep, be with yourself? Or are you actually feeling OK and would just like to go on a yoga retreat to practice more yoga, eat healthy food and get some sun?

All yoga retreats offer time away from it all to some degree at least. If you are particularly tired and stressed, perhaps a retreat which offers balance is more appropriate to you, rather than a more intensive one. At Harmonic Escapes, we welcome many guests who are tired, overworked and are seeking balance in all its forms. All our activities including the yoga are optional, so if you want to snooze longer in bed, you can do so without any judgement. 

Harmonic Escapes Yoga retreat ibiza yoga session

Consider your favourite type of yoga

Do you practice yoga regularly? What type of yoga do you enjoy most? It doesn’t have to be just one specific type of course, but do look into what yoga is offered at the retreat and if you think it suits you in this moment. Set your expectations before booking a retreat. Do you like hatha yoga, kundalini perhaps or even traditional Ashtanga? Would you like to delve deep into your yoga practice, learn more? Or are you looking for a yoga holiday, where the yoga is an add-on rather than the focus? 

On our retreats, Zarah, our yoga instructor gives a holistic yoga experience. Yoga is tailored to all individuals, whether you are a beginner or have years of experience practicing. She loves sharing her deep knowledge of yoga, not only in the asanas (yoga poses) but also gives you an insight into their history, their significance and benefits. She loves sharing her meditation practice and leads breath-work sessions that can be life-changing. 

I had an extremely heart-opening experience, the breathing for me has changed my life.

Claire, 2017 & 2018 guest

The morning sessions are focused on vinyasa flow yoga, the more dynamic yoga. The evening sessions are focused on restorative yoga, calming down at the end of the day. On certain days, Zarah spices it up a little, by showing inversions (don’t worry it’s all safe) or have some fun in partner yoga. So if you are looking for a diverse yoga practice that respects the traditional yoga teachings with a modern twist, than our retreats might be just what you’re looking for.

Harmonic Escapes yoga retreat Ibiza beach sunset

Location, location, location…..

How important is the location for you? Do you mind travelling far or do you want the easiest, less stressful way to get there? Sunshine, sea, snow, mountains, countryside? What’s your ideal combination?

Harmonic Escapes is currently in Ibiza. For most people, Ibiza means parties, sunshine and sea; but to many it also means beautiful surroundings, magnetic energy, mystical, spiritual, healing. The island is full of stunning scenery and beaches. It has become a home for many to develop their wellness journey. There is an openness and energy to the island that gives you freedom to express yourself, take a deep breath and just be. Ibiza is our home, our place to explore our wellness journey and it can be yours too.


Cost and venue 

Of course one of the most important and initial factors that you think about is how much does it cost to go on a yoga retreat. Well…all possibilities are available nowadays. From the super luxurious, costly retreats to fairly basic accommodation and budget. Another factor to look into is, what is covered in the retreat fee? Do you need to pay for extra activities when you get there? Our retreats at Harmonic Escapes are all-inclusive, which means accommodation, food and all activities are included. We leave one free evening for the guests to dine out to a restaurant of choice which is always welcomed by all our guests.

At Harmonic Escapes, we offer good value. We research our venues thoroughly and whilst we have a supplement for single rooms, we make sure the venues have ample areas where you can be by yourself if you so wish, get that 'me' time in complete serenity.  



All our retreats this year are one week long. We get many requests for shorter retreats and we are planning them for next year. Just bear in mind, it takes a few days to completely relax, completely let go and “arrive”. Going on a retreat for a long weekend is good but going for a whole week is just brilliant. Even if you think that you just cannot be away for one whole week away from kids, work, husband/boyfriend... does 2/3 more days really make a difference to them? One of our guests last year was only going to stay for 5 of the 7 days. After a few days she ended up changing her flights so she could stay for the whole week and she is coming back this year for the whole week!

Spending a whole week with us will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

An active retreat – the best choice for you

Our retreats are experiences backed up by a handful of fundamental principles - balance, empowerment, transformation and positive energy. My aim is to make you feel like you're making real progress from a spiritual perspective, from an emotional standpoint and also physically. That's why we offer “active retreats”, doing activities that give you energy – stand-up paddle boarding, drummers circle, sound bath, beach sunsets - and then begin your journey. Whether we do so via our activities, the community we create or the delicious meals we offer, we work to give you the chance to flourish.

I hope you found this guide useful and to find out more about our retreats please click here.

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