Reflecting on our Summer retreats

Harmonic -Escapes-Ibiza-beach-yoga-retreat

We laughed, we danced, we cried….

I am still winding down from our two amazing full-on yoga retreats in Ibiza. We laughed, we danced, we cried, we learnt new things and of course experienced lots and lots of amazing yoga. But most of all we discovered a new part of ourselves. A part of ourselves that was always there but was somehow hidden. Unlocking it meant freedom; it meant letting go of whatever was holding us back. Release, letting go of whatever does not serve us anymore and mindfully letting in good intentions that help us flourish.

Transform, Re-connect, Re-charge

Attending a retreat like ours is so much more than a yoga holiday in Ibiza. It is a transformational experience where the yoga is a little challenging, where we try new activities that change us, where we breathe together, where we dance, express ourselves and be “us”. We intentionally plan our retreats to have a challenging element to them, so that we are so much more prepared when life surprises us, which inevitably it always does.

Our retreats have helped guests feel empowered to take important decisions and feel confident about their new path. They have made change finally possible. They have helped mums energise, take a break from responsibilities so they can re-discover themselves again. They have helped men open up, feel vulnerable in a safe non-judgmental space and yes got men talking about their feelings (wohoo taboo!).

Creating memories

I hope we have created long-lasting memories for all our guests. I am so grateful that I can make this happen, that I live on an island where everything is possible, where nothing is taboo, where there is complete freedom to create, to express and be creative. Thank you for my team, Zarah @zogaflow for teaching us so much about yoga, breathing, dancing and more; Patricia @sheisveganIbiza for creating the most delicious and beautifully presented food made with so much love; thank you to all our amazing guests who trusted in me and the team and for joining us on this wonderful journey.

The feedback below says it all, with so many of our guests wanting to come back, ready to sign up for next year.

What a week! Amazing, enlightening, breathtaking (literally!) The yoga is extraordinary, accommodation and food amazing. I shall return! Love and Namaste, Su (2019 guest)

Awesome week, the people you surround yourself with are just the best! I leave with a new direction, having put things in their place and through yoga have opened my eyes to explore a whole new world within and beyond. Love you all, Mike (2019 guest)

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Registration for our next retreats

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