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Ibiza has many amazing therapists and healers and we have selected the following therapists for you that we think provide the best service at the best price. All our therapists have worked on our previous retreats and we have personally tested all of them. For more information on the individual therapist, please look at the About page.

If you are looking for another treatment that is not here, please let us know. We will make every effort to source a therapist that best suits your requirements.

Please note the therapists come to the retreat venue and are paid in cash.

∆ Thai yoga massage with Zarah (75 mins €85)

Zarah our yoga teacher gives the best Thai yoga massage, usually done in the Bali house at the end of the pool. She will work with you to release tension and treat you to a full body bliss workout by using a powerful blend of Thai massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic herbs and Acupressure.

Tip: Don’t take our word for it, here’s what guests say about Zarah: “Zarah’s massages are out of this world, you must try them!” Recommended to loosen up after lots of yoga.

∆ Reflexology with Anna (60 mins €80)

This treatment is deeply relaxing by working directly on the central nervous system, increases blood circulation and providing many benefits on the physical and emotional level.

Tip: Anna gives the deepest reflexology we have experienced, total bliss if you like your feet massaged.

∆ Big Calm Massage with Alison (75 mins €105 or 90 mins €120)

This unique treatment combines Eastern healing with Essential Oil massage. Alison works intuitively and mindfully, reacting to what she feels beneath her hands. She uses Shiatsu techniques to disperse and nurture the energy flow in your meridians and organs, combined with oil massage to soothe and release any physical tension.

Tip: This is a truly holistic and deeply nurturing experience that will leave you feeling profoundly calm and balanced in mind, body and spirit.

∆ Ayurvedic massage with Nina (60 mins €75 or 80 mins €95)

Nina uses warm oil during her relaxing Ayurvedic massage. She guides clients with the breath to drop into a deeply relaxing state for both body and mind.

Tip: Choose this massage with Nina if you don’t like deep pressure and you want to purely relax and help you sleep.

∆ Remedial or Sports Massage with Elizabeth (60 mins €90)

Focusing on a specific area or injury, Elizabeth will use a holistic approach to help you heal. Elizabeth specialises in pain management and postural understanding.

Tip: Elizabeth is very strong and she is fantastic and getting those knots out and helping with injuries. She is our go-to therapist when dealing with an injury.

∆ Restorative Massage - Reiki Combo with Elizabeth (60 mins €110)

This is a gentle yet highly effective full body treatment utilising massage and energy healing to bring about a complete sense of release and relaxation. Incorporating traditional Swedish massage techniques, strengthening massage balms with bespoke aromatherapy and Reiki energy balancing, this treatment will help boost your immune and circulatory systems, re-balance the energies of body and mind and encourage system wide regeneration.

Tip: we recently tried this treatment and the combination of a deep massage with the warmth you feel during Reiki is purely balancing and healing.

∆ Holistic Facial Therapy with Marion (60 mins €110)

Marion starts her facial massages with a deep visualisation to promote energy healing. Her blissfully relaxing specific massage techniques lift and tone facial muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, pumping oxygen into the cells. She also does lymphatic drainage to release toxin build up and uses acupressure around the jaws and skull to release tightness and pressure that often cause headaches.

Tip: A blissful 60 mins of going in and out of sleep. Marion gives a relaxing a stimulating facial massage rather than a traditional facial.

∆ Somatic Embodiment From Stuck-ness to CHANGE Coaching with Taya (90 mins €175)

Just like many of us YOU probably know deep inside that you can be much more of your TRUE SELF, live your POTENTIAL, be more HAPPY,  feel more ALIVE and have something to give beyond yourself! Why not take that first step now?

Profound Healing. Deep Relaxation and Release. Clarity and self-love. Taya uses verbal guidance, breath work and movement to tap your unknown sources of energy to flourish in your focused areas of life. Get the results you want. Grow beyond physical, emotional & spiritual challenges – into sustainable life changes.

Tip: Taya has become the most sought after coach in Ibiza. She is keeping one day free for our guests (she is fully booked for all of June). If you are struggling to cope with loss or feel stuck on your current situation, a session with Taya is recommended.