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Yoga retreat Ibiza at Harmonic Escapes is a transformational retreat that will leave you feeling energised and empowered.

2019 Yoga Retreats

The benefits of yoga are widely known by now. From stress relief, to increasing flexibility and strength, helping back pain, improved concentration, balance and stability, yoga helps in so many ways. Imagine overdosing on all these benefits during a week's retreat!

Ibiza, the mystical white island in the Mediterranean is increasingly becoming well-known as a place of spirituality, healing and everything that is wellbeing. Ibiza has always meant freedom of expression, acceptance, openness. The people who spend time on the island are all seeking something, seeking to transform, seeking happiness and peace within. The island has a certain energy that draws people in, most feel a special connection with the island, many wanting to come back again and again.

What Can You Expect From A Yoga Retreat?

Imagine.... a yoga retreat Ibiza... a holiday where feeling good is the top priority, where waking up with the sound of the birds and without a hangover is the norm. Where getting fitter and eating the most delicious and healthy food is easy. Where everything is prepared for you, there is no need to think about anything, a break away from responsibilities and chores. Ibiza yoga retreat reviews show that a retreat is often in beautiful surroundings in a small group setting. Where the hosts really care about the wellbeing of all the guests. Where real friends are made and communities created.

Going on a yoga retreat is different to going on a yoga holiday. A yoga retreat has a schedule, usually involving daily yoga sessions. At Harmonic Escapes we offer daily morning and evening yoga sessions. Yoga holidays are usually set in hotels where one can dip in and out of yoga at various times in the day. Yoga retreats very often have a theme ranging from the spiritual to the active and focus on one or two types of yoga. On our retreats, we practice vinyasa flow yoga in the mornings, which means we keep our sessions creative and dynamic, no class is the same. Evening yoga sessions are restorative, based on the teachings of yin yoga. An introduction to meditation will follow the evening yoga and if this sounds slightly overwhelming don't worry we'll guide you all the way throughout this journey. Evenings are just beautiful....dining under the stars followed by a dreamy crystal healing sound bath to perfectly prepare you to the best night's sleep.

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The Cornerstones of Harmonic Escapes Yoga Retreats Ibiza

Energy - The program is planned with this is mind: feeling alive! Active yoga is very much about revitalising you, so you feel full of energy after your best yoga Ibiza retreat. From the food, to the yoga and the activities - stand-up paddle boarding, drummers workshop, beach yoga, morning swims and beach sunsets at the famous Benirras beach, a retreat in Ibiza will surely fire you up with positive energy. For more on Active yoga retreats click here.

Inclusion - Very little yoga experience? Have not done yoga in a long time? Don't think you're fit enough to practice so much yoga? Our yoga retreats are open to everyone, from the complete beginner to the highly experienced yogi. Our guests join us from all levels of fitness and they have all gained, they have all been challenged, they have all enhanced their yoga practice whether it's the physical or the spiritual. The yoga teachers at Harmonic Escapes adapt the yoga classes to all levels of experience and due to the small group sizes receiving individual attention is not only possible but a top priority.

Empowerment - Retreats are a time to make space from your busy life. You can reflect, re-align and feel empowered to go back to your life afterwards. This is a breakaway from your daily life, from normality but it is so necessary in today's hectic and digital lives. The yoga sessions, the meditation, the activities and the friends made will make you stronger and leave you ready for whatever life throws at you.

Transformation -Transformation is never-ending, we are continuously evolving, continuously changing. For transformation to happen, we need to be ready for it, we need to be consciously seeking it and we need to make space for it. A retreat is the perfect opportunity to find space in our hearts and in our minds to let transformation begin.

Balance - Retreating with Harmonic Escapes means balance in all it forms. Our best yoga retreats in Ibiza are active, have an element of adventure rather than just yoga. We aim to achieve balance between being active, having a schedule and being free to do whatever you please, relax, sunbathe by the pool, read a book, sleep or get a massage.

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Plan Your Next Yoga Retreat Ibiza With Harmonic Escapes

Take a few moments to yourself? How is your life feeling right now? Be true to yourself, write your thoughts down if that helps. We all know that taking care of our wellbeing is good for us, good for our families, good for the people around us. Harmonic Escapes is a dynamic yoga retreat Ibiza provider. We love what we do, we are passionate about offering a platform for your wellbeing. Sign up to our Blog to receive inspiration on leading a healthier life and our newsletter to keep you updated on special discounts on our retreats.